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There are quite a few choices in video compression captioning tools; so why chose solutions from PixelTools?  We have been working closely with post production clients for the past 20 years and have developed solutions in close partnerships with our clients that provide them the speed, quality, and reliability that they seek.  We also provide them timely and comprehensive technical support.  The solutions that we have come up to address video production issues for individual clients have been added to products and form a very comprehensive selection of off the shelf tools.

Many of our customers have had thousands of hours of content that they needed to be specially processed.  In most cases, the solutions that we provided proved high quality, were very reliable, and worked without human intervention.

Below is a short list of some of the solutions that we have assembled.  Let us know how we can help you optimize your workflow.  If we don’t have an off the shelf solution, we may be able to engineer a solution that will save you time and money.

Closed Captioning Solutions

Selecting the Optimum Tool for Closed Captioning Insertion
Comparison of the variety of PixelTools applications that insert closed captions into video. The optimum tool is largely a function of whether video encoding is needed or the content is already encoded.

Easy caption insertion into existing content
Drag and Drop caption insertion into existing streams. Video demonstration of the captioning process.

Closed Caption verification and debugging
Details on using the decoding and analyzing capabilities of PixelTools’ products to verify proper closed caption insertion and debug closed caption issues if needed

Extracting, Editing, and Reusing Closed Captioning
Details on using the decoding capabilities of PixelTools’ products to extract closed captions from exiting video, edit the captions, and then insert them into the same or other video streams.

Closed Captioning formats and styles
Details the variety of closed captioning formats and styles supported by PixelTools encoding and decoding products.

Closed Captioning history and standards
The history of closed captioning and the variety of standards that are supported by PixelTools products.

Software Development Kits for Closed Captioning
The flexible, powerful, and accurate closed captioning processes are available as SDKs to closely integrate into your workflow.

Exporting Embedded Captions with Adobe Premiere
Exporting MPEG with embedded (not side car) captions

Adding Active Format Description
Inserting AFD during encoding or to and existing stream

Converting captioned MXF file into captioned transport streams
Transcoding an OP1a MXF file into a MPEG Transport Stream with embedded Captions

Extracting caption track from MXF file
Running MPEGRepairHD from the GUI or from a batch file and saving MXF caption track as a PixelTools edl file

Extract, Insert, Transcode, and View analog captioning
Encoding analog captions using MPEGRepairHD
Viewing and extracting analog captions

Open Caption Insertion
Encoding open captions using MPEGRepairHD

Logo Insertion
Burning logos into video during encoding

Batch Captioning
Running the captioning process in the batch mode to automate the process and integrate with associated batch processes.

Adding multiple closed caption tracks
Add up to 4 caption tracks using up to 4 transcripion files



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