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PixelTools products can input Leitch (LXF) source files, split them into their elementary components and convert them to compliant broadcast streams.

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An LXF file is a multimedia storage format that contains MPEG-2 video and PCM or MPEG Audio wrapped in the proprietary Leitch Native Stream Format. PixelTools products such as MPEGRepairHD and Expert-Caption can split LXF files into their elementary video and audio components. PixelTools products can also be run in the batch mode to convert all .LXF files in a folder to compliant MPEG Transport streams with MPEG video and audio compliant with broadcast standards.


LXF File Split

To split an LXF file into its elementary components,

  1. Drag and Drop or browse for your LXF file in the Decode Input Edit Box
  1. Set up the Decode | Configure | Extract Streams with the Save Elementary Video in File and the Save MFX or LXF Audio options checked and output storage file names:
    LXF MPEGRepair extract screen
    Click on image for larger view

  2. Depress the Decode | Run (MPEGRepairHD) or the Update (Expert-Caption) button to initiate the process.

LXF File Batch Transcode

To transcode a LXF file into an MPEG Transport or Program File, open a DOS window and enter:

[Install Folder]\Mpegrep -lx SourceFile.lxf
[Install Folder]\ExpCap -lx SourceFile.lxf

The LXF file will be split into elementary video and pcm audio; the audio will be encoded as a two channel MPEG file, and the elementary video and audio will be multiplexed into a transport or program file called SourceFile.mpg.

You can easily process all .LXF files in a folder by using a batch command:

for %%J in (%1\*.lxf) do call SplitLxf %%J 

where SplitLxf.bat file calls
(path)\ MpegRep -lx %1


Source LXF File

HD or SD MPEG format

8, 4 or 2 channel PCM
2 channel MPEG audio

Processed Output
Elementary video file with elementary MPEG audio or PCM audio
ATSC compliant Transport stream with SMPT-302M or MPEG audio
Program stream with MPEG audio and MPEG video


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