Professional Broadcast Tools

MPEGRepairHD® is our flagship product

MPEGRepairHD includes our latest technologies of
      Stream repair and analysis
      Nielsen Commercial Watermarking

The tool includes all of the capabilities of

MPEGRepairHD can run in automated batch mode enabling processing of multiple files in the background without user intervention.

Expert-HD™ encodes files into high quality MPEG, AVC and HEVC video. Windows Only

Expert-Caption® performs closed caption insertion of CEA-708 and CEA-608 captions from transcribed files into MPEG and AVC video files without transcoding the video.

Expert-Mux™ is combines HEVC, AVC, or MPEG video with AC3, AAC, MP3 or PCM audio into fully synchronized system program or transport streams.  Window Only.

MPEGEscort® embosses an encoded MPEG video stream with an indiscernible yet technically detectable message using a patented digital video watermarking process.


Plug-In Tools

Expert Broadcast™ is a high quality MPEG export plug-in to Adobe Premiere that exports broadcast compliant Transport/Program streams with embedded 708/608 closed captioning directly from the time line. Windows Only.

Software Development Tools

Expert-Workshop Software Development Kit (SDK) provides an API for high quality/high speed MPEG encoding, multiplexing, and decoding. MPEG Workshop library is the workhorse for PixelTools Expert-HD encoder and MPEGRepairHD.

Caption Software Development Kit (SDK) - The accurate closed captioning conversion, transcoding and rendering capability of MPEGRepairHD and Expert-Caption is available as a stand alone library to easily empower your applications with closed captioning.

Other captioning libraries are available upon request.

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