Expert Workshop® Software Development Kit

Software MPEG encoding/captioning/decoding/multiplexing library

The functionality of PixelTools GUI software tools is available as Expert Workshop Software Development Kit (SDK). Expert Workshop SDK provides an API for high quality/high speed MPEG encoding, captioning, multiplexing, decoding and stream repair.


  • Highly optimized native libraries for 64bit and 32bit operating systems. Utilizes native SSE3 instructions, multi-threading and multi-processor support
  • Complete control of encoding parameters
  • Closed captioning insertion during or after encoding.
  • Closed captioning extraction, analysis, repair and removing.
  • Stream header update operation.
  • Compliant CEA-708 and 608 closed captioning decoder.
  • Libraries for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Integrates with PixelTools’ HEVC and AVC encoder and multiplexer.
  • Accepts configuration files from PixelTools’ associated GUI products for rapid prototyping.

Encoding Performance

Encoding times for 1 hour of video

HD (1920x1080)         15 minutes

HD (1280x720)            8 minutes

SD (720x480)             5  minutes

Video is encoded with IPB frames (long GOP) on an Intel i7 processor at 3.6 ghz

Sample Usage  

  • MPEG Editor - Encoding/Decoding engine for most editing functions
  • Closed captioning repair, insertion and extraction
  • CEA-708 and 608 closed captioning display
  • Remote monitoring - Real-time processing on Mac or PC including camera grab and scene change detection
  • Video Post Production Processing - Integrate encoding into your Post Production
  • Transcoding - Change Bit-rate; frame rate, aspect ratio, encoding flags
  •  Video On Demand - Encode Video, Graphics, or Web content
  • Logo Insertion - Add your personal logo to video content on the fly
  • Video Streaming - Add compressed video to your web server
  • Repurposing - Convert bit-rate; frame size; Profile of MPEG streams
  • Video Library- Report video properties, encode to thumbnails, decode xxx frame, slow motion


Identical functionality in Mac and PC versions.
Fully optimized for PC SSE3 enhanced processors
Optimized for multi-threaded/multiprocessing systems with up to 64 processors.

Feature Overview

MPEG Workshop SDK is a full featured set of MPEG functions that are accessed by a simple to use interface

MPEG Encoding

  • Ultra High Definition MPEG through thumbnail MPEG1 profiles
  • Bit rates from 500mbs through 16kbps
  • Access extensive static and dynamic parameters
  • Accepts a wide variety of input formats including QuickTime and AVI Inputs directly from Fire-Wire or USB video sources
  • Inserts Closed Captions defined in text or .SCC file Inserts Open Captions defined in text or .SCC file Inserts
  • Analog Captions into video
  • Converts single frame into MPEG
  • Includes preprocessing frame and sub-frame filtering.
  • Easily integrates with PixelTools HEVC and AVC encoders

MPEG Decoding

  • Decode of transport, program, VOB, MXF and elementary MPEG streams.
  • Split multiplexed streams into video, MPEG audio, AC3, PCM, and user streams.
  • Decode of all or selected scenes of streams into BMP, TGA or YUV frames.
  • Insert Closed Captions into stream without encoding
  • Transcodes, removes, repairs and updates close captioning
  • Extracts caption track from MXF file.
  • Displays compliant CEA-708 and CEA-608 captions over decoded video
  • Output extensive static analysis of MPEG stream properties.
  • Output dynamic text, graphic, and video stream data during decoding.
  • Provide frame accurate decoding suitable for editing functions.
  • Decode audio component into PCM or WAV format MPEG
    Outputs stream analysis

Audio Encoding

High quality encoding into MPEG layer 1 or 2 or A52
Output bit-rates from 32kbps to 384kbps



  • Multiplexe elementary video, audio, AAC or AC3 into Transport, MPEG2 Program or
    MPEG1 System stream
  • Multiplexe 8 channel PCM audio into SMPTE transport stream
  • Access to an extensive set of multiplexing parameters
  • Accepts HEVC plug-in to accomplish HEVC and AVC transport multiplexing.


What’s in the box:

64 and 32 bit executables for Windows, Mac, or Linux Operating systems

C header files

Sample application with source code

Sample frames that work with the sample application

Programming manual


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