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For the past 20 years, PixelTools has been working closely with video processing organizations to help them optimize their workflow. We have created products and solutions that provide our clients with semi-custom applications that offer higher quality, increased reliability, easier to use, and lower cost solutions than what are currently available in the market. We have worked closely with companies from major studios to one person shops. We have provided dedicated engineering support during the development, deployment, and long term maintenance.

Capabillities - Our capabilities include detailed system design, product scheduling, software development, system integration, system verification, comprehensive testing as well as ongoing maintenance.

Value - We provide our clients an honest value for their money. We charge by the hour, project, sales royalty, or a combination of the above.

Approach - We have software components "lying around our lab" that may go a long way in fulfilling your processing requirement with minimal additional work on our part. We can help.

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