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Export broadcast compliant MPEG Transport/Program streams with 708/608 closed captioning directly from Premiere Pro CC

PixelTools’ ultra high quality encoding and processing tools are now available as a Plug-In to the latest version of Adobe Premiere CC. Expert-Broadcast accomplishes the final encoding and wrapping of content on the timeline for direct broadcast or uploading to broadcast servers.  The plug-in embeds CEA-608 and 708 captioning into the video stream in compliance with broadcast standards and requirements. The tool also includes broadcast and onboarding features such as selectable Transport PIDs, 8 channel PCM SMPTE302m audio, Content Advisory Flags, CGMS flags, and Active Format Description flags that are available only in high end production systems.

Expert-Broadcast is easy to use

Integrated as a new Premiere Export | Media | Format
Fully compliant transport multiplexer with user selectable PID assignment
Video encoding at 4K and 8K frame sizes
SMPTE 302M two or eight channel PCM audio in Transport stream.
Compliant Closed Caption (608/708/SCTE) insertion from time text (.SCC, .CAP) files
Transcoding of analog line 21 type captioning into 708 and 608 standards.
Graphics to broadcast video color space conversion.
Frame Filtering to minimize low bit-rate encoding artifacts
Multiplexes with audio encoded from the timeline or from an external file
MPEG1 and MPEG2 encoding




Compliant with ATSC and Cable Labs specifications.
Includes presets to create compliant Onboarding streams for Netflix, DirecTV, and others


  • Frame sizes: 128x128 to 8192x8192
  • Output Bit-rate: 0.5 to 500 MBits/Sec
  • IPB sequence: Adjustable and I frame only
  • Chroma: 4:2:2 and 4:2:0
  • Profile: High, 422, Main, Simple
  • Level: High, Main, Low
  • DC Precision: 11,10,9,8 bits
  • DCT Scan: Zig-Zag and Alternate
  • Low Delay option


  • MPEG
  • A-52
  • PCM


  • Transport Stream
  • User settable PID settings
  • SCTE 302m 8 and 2 channel PCM audio
  • External audio
  • Program Stream
  • Adjustable audio and video decoding delays

Closed Captioning

  • Accepts captions and time code from .SCC and .CAP files and from Adobe SideCar files
  • Transcodes Analog Line 21 frame into digital captions
  • Captioning Formats: CEA-708, CEA-608, ATSC, SCTE20, DVD, Analog
  • Captioning Styles: CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4

Meta Data

  • CGMS: Copy Off, Copy Once; Copy Freely
  • APS: Type 1-3
  • Content Advisory: MPA, US TV, Canadian TV ratings
  • Active Format Description: All 10 standard format descriptions

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