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Expert-Broadcast Premiere Plug-In

PixelTools Expert-Broadcast Plug-in for Adobe Premiere can now create MPEG content with SMPTE302M Linear PCM data in support of requirements for Dish / Echo Star Networks.

PixelTools plug in for Adobe Premiere

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The latest version of PixelTools Expert-Broadcast Premiere plug-in (version 299) includes a preset that configures the plug-in encoder to create content for Dish Network

  • MPEG 80mbps I frame encoding
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • Transport output with 8 channel SMPTE302M Linear PCM data
  • Closed captions (CEA-608 and CEA-708) embedded in the video

Detailed instructions

To export content for Dish Networks, highlight your content on the Adobe Premiere timeline and select File | Export | Media to bring up the Export Settings Dialog.

Select the PixelTools Mpeg from the Codec dropdown menu

PixelTools Adobe premiere plug in

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Select the Preset Dish_Smpte302m settings (initially in the c:\Program Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore)

Browse for Select your 2 or 8 channel audio .wav file in the Audio | External Audio Settings |External Audio File Name

Pixeltools plug in for Adobe premiere

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In the Embedded Captions tab, browse for your .scc file

PixelTools Adobe premiere plug in

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Depress the Export button to create the compliant video


Audio details

Expert-Broadcast can create an MPEG file with 2 or eight channel SMPTE 302 Linear PCM transport streams from a 2 or eight channel .wav file.  The tool can also create an eight channel transport stream from a 2 channel .wav file with an associated 6 mono channels.  The 2 channel wav will be inserted into SMPTE channels 7 and 8.

PixelTools adobe premiere plug in audio details

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The associated 6 channels mux have the same name as the 2 channel wav file but end with _1.wav, _1.wav, through _6.wav which will be inserted in channels 1 through 6.


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