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Updates with Version 9 Upgrade

  • Inputs WebVtt caption files
  • Supports Chinese, Korean, and Japanese captioning characters
  • Captions MP4 Files
  • Inputs and outputs to and from UDP Internet Protocol
  • Supports Real Time captioning

Captioning your video files has never been easier. Just drag your uncaptioned video to Expert-CaptionĀ® and the program will do the rest. Expert-Caption embeds captions from plain text or captioning files into AVC or MPEG streams without transcoding the video. The tool can also be run in the batch mode allowing you to automatically caption thousands of files or to integrate captioning into your video workflow.


  • Create captioned streams compliant with broadcast and onboarding standards
  • Analyze, extract, replace, update, erase, or re-time existing stream captions
  • Analyze captioned video and display properties in dialog and log file
  • Embed CEA-708/608 captions into video files without transcoding
  • Display 608 and/or 708 captions over video during playback
  • Display and log 608 and 708 captioning commands during playback
  • Simplified user interface with button controls
  • Input transcribed captions in SCC, text, and other captioning formats.
  • Transcode MXF files into captioned MPEG files for broadcast
  • Transcode analog captioning into ATSC compliant digital captioning
  • Insert captions for DVD, SCTE-20, ATSC formats
  • Transcode CEA-608 captioning to CEA-708 captioning
  • Generate 708 captions from 608 caption source
  • Support for CC1 through CC4 captions
  • Scrub captions from existing file
  • Adjust video/caption synchronization
  • Split multiplexed files into video, audio, and captions


  • Easy to use via Drag and Drop or batch processing
  • No video or audio quality loss
  • Fast processing: 30x faster than real time
  • Embeds captions in Premiere exported files
  • Supports quality insurance pass to verify correct captioning and placement
  • Unicode support for display of most languages
  • Batch captions multiple files
  • Provides insights into captioned streams
  • Assists with debugging captioning issues
  • Reproduces source file’s exact multiplexing bitrate

Caption demo

Expert-Caption includes compliant CEA-708 and CEA-608 captioning decoders that allow you to do a quality assurance pass of your captioned video before delivery. All languages that have a Unicode font will be displayed on the CEA-708 window. The tool also includes multi-levels of captioning analysis from a quick property listing of the type of captions found in a video down to the actual control codes, timings, text and binary captioning codes found in a captioned stream.

The tool is very easy to use. Drag the uncaptioned video stream onto the Expert-Caption desktop icon and the tool will do the rest. For non-standard captioning requirements, simply drag your custom configuration file onto the Profile box before you start the stream update.

Expert Caption

More Information

  • Watch a video on how to troubleshoot closed captioning using PixelTools Expert-Caption analyzer and CEA-708 and 608 compliant video decoder.
  • Watch a video demonstration of insertion of CEA-708 and 608 closed captioning using Expert-Caption
  • Read tech tip solution for a wide variety of captioning issues including re- syncing and editing captions, and transcoding analog captions to SD and HD digital captions.



  • Transcribed timed caption .VTT
  • File and Internet Protocol
  • AVC or MPEG video in a Transport, MXF, MP4, or Program multiplexed stream
  • Transcribed timed captions in .SCC, .TXT, .CAP, .SRT, or .MCC format
  • Analog captions burned into source video

Captioning Formats Supported

  • CEA-708 (DTV and NTSC)
  • CEA-608
  • ATSC
  • DVD
  • SCTE20
  • C-Cube


  • File and Internet Protocol
  • Captioned AVC or MPEG video in a Transport or Program stream
  • Extracted captions in a .SCC or .TXT file
  • Elementary video and elementary audio files.
  • Text file containing the text in a .SCC file

Operating systems

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 on a PC or Mac OS virtual machine.

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