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Darg and drop caption insertion

Expert-Caption Drag and Drop makes it quick and easy to insert captions into an existing MPEG or AVC stream.

To use the Drag and Drop mode of ExpertCaption (or MPEGRepairHD), your MPEG or AVC file must have a MPG extension and must be in the same directory as the .SCC or .SRT file that contains your captions. The .SCC file must have the same name as the .MPG file. If your uncaptioned source file is ZXY123.mpg for example, the captions must be contained in a file called ZXY123.scc. 

Launch Expert-Caption by dragging the .MPG file onto the EC icon as depicted below.
That’s all there is to it.

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Expert Caption

Once Expert-Caption has launched, it first reads the appropriate .SCC file. If the .SCC file cannot be found, the program exits and saves an error message in the decode.log file.  Expert-Caption next analyzes the .MPG file to detect the multiplexing bit-rate and type: Transport, Program, System, MP4, or None, and the type of audio. The tool then extracts the elementary video, inserts captions defined in the .SCC file at the corresponding GOP time in the video stream, and extracts the elementary audio.  Finally, the tool remultiplexes the elementary Video Bit Stream (.vbs) now containing the captions with the elementary Audio Bit Stream (.abs) into a new stream of the original multiplexing format and bit-rate. The new file containing captions will have CC.Mpg at the end of the name.

Demo of Closed Captioning

Easy Caption Insertion

Demonstration of insertion of CEA-708 and 608 closed captioning into a video using PixelTools Expert-Caption.  Captions are also verified for correct format and screen location.

Easy Caption Insertion

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