Tech Tip - Batch Captioning

Automatically embed captions into a group of MPEG or AVC files.

Expert-Caption supports two methods of embedding captions into a group of MPEG or AVC files:
1. Run a Command Batch File that calls Expert-Caption to caption all files in a folder
2. Drag and Drop a selection of up to 64 video files onto the unlaunched Expert-Caption exe.

For both methods:

  1. Each file to be captioned (whether MPEG or AVC) must have an .mpg extension
  2. Each file to be captioned must have an associated captioning and time file (whether .scc, .srt, or .txt) that has the same name and path as the associated video file and must end with .scc
  3. The time code embedded in the captioning file must correlate to the time code embedded in the video file.
  4. The captioning parameters utilized in this process will be stored in the ExpCap.ini in the same folder as the ExpCap.exe
  5. The Expert-Caption executable folder can be located anywhere on your computer.

Command Batch File
Edit a batch text file (such as RunCap.bat) that is located in the folder where all of your..mpg files to be captioned are and contains text such as:

FOR %%J IN (*.mpg) DO CALL Code\ExpCap.exe %%J

In this example, the ExpCap.exe and its associated files are stored in the Code subfolder. Opening a command window, changing to the window path for where the batch file is located, and typing “RunCap” will cause the Expert-Caption embedding to be run on every .mpg file in this folder

Drag and Drop multiple files
Select all of the .mpg files to be captioned and Drag and Drop this list onto the unlaunched ExpCap.exe program icon. Expert-Caption will launch and process each .mpg file sequentially. Be sure not to include any .scc files in this list.

Multiple Instances of Expert-Caption
You can also run concurrent instances of Expert-Caption. Each instance will automatically utilize different computer cores to best exploit the processor’s capabilities

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