AAC – Advanced Audio Encoding
AFD – Active Format Description
APS – Analog Protection System (Macrovision or Copyguard)
ATSC - Advanced Television Systems Committee
AVC - Advanced Video Encoding
AVI – Audio Video Interleave video file format
BMP – Bitmap Image File image format
CAP – Type of file that defines closed caption text
CC – Closed Captions
CEA – Consumer Electronics Association
CGMS – Copy Generation Management System
DDL – Description Definition Language
DC – Digital Content
DCT – Discreet Cosine transform
DIB – Device Independent Bitmap image format
DTS – Decoding Time Stamp
DTS – The name of audio compression standard developed by the company of the same name
DV – Digital Video
DVD – Digital Video Device
EDL – Edit Decision List
FPS – Frames Per Second
GOP – Group of Pictures
HD – High Definition
HDTV – High Definition Television
HEVC – High Efficiency Video Encoding
HEX – Hexadecimal color
IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission
IPB – Independent, Predictive, and Bidirectional frame compression types
IP – Internet Protocol
ISO – International Organization for Standardization
LXF – Leitch Native Stream Format
JPG – Joint Photographic Expert Group
JVT - Joint Video Team
MAD - Mean Average Difference
MCC – Multi Channel Coding
MOV - Quick Time Movie
MPEG – Motion Pictures Expert Group
MPA – Motion Pictures Association
MS – Microsoft
MXF – Material Exchange Format
OS – Operating System
PAT – Program Association Table
PC – Personal Computer
PCM – Pulse Code Modulation
PCR – Program Clock Reference
PDF – Portable Document Format
PES – Packetized Elementary Stream
PID – Packet Identifier
PPM - Portable Pixel Format picture structure
PSI - Program Specific Information
PTS- Program Time Stamp
OSIF – Quarter Standard Image Format
OP - quantization parameter
QT – Quick Time
VANC – Vertical Ancillary Data
RGB – Red Green Blue
RDO - rate-distortion optimization
SCC - Scenarist Closed Captioning
SCR - System Cock Reference
SCTE – Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
SDK – Software Development Kit
SIF – Source Input Format image format
SMPT – Simple Mail transfer Protocol
SRT - Secure Reliable Transport
SSE -Streaming SMID Extensions
STD – System Target Decoder
TGA – Truevision Targa image format
TIF – Tagged Image File image format
TXT – Plain text file
VANC – Vertical Ancillary Data
VGA – Video Graphics Array graphic interface specification
VOB – Video Object
YUV  - Color space in terms of one luma component (Y) and two chrominance components, called U (blue projection) and V (red projection)


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