Tech Tip - Open Caption Insertion

Easy insertion of open captions into an MPEG stream

PixelTools products and encoders can burn open captions into video during encoding.  Open captions are text captions that are always displayed with the video. Closed captions can be enabled and disabled by the viewer.

Adding Open Captioning

PixelTools encoders can add open captions (captions that are always visible IE burned into the MPEG stream) during encoding.  The text for the open captions can be presented as a .SCC, .CAP or a .TXT file and is enabled via the Optimize Encode | Configure | Line 21 | Closed Captioning Format | Open Captioning. When the encoder is run, the MPEG captioning defined in the caption file is embossed on the video as seen above.


White closed captioning text over a black background is inserted in bottom left of frames at the time code defined in the captioning file. The open caption insertion capability is also available in the Expert Workshop SDK for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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