Tech Tip - Adding Multiple Closed Captioning Tracks to a MPEG or AVC file

Expert-Caption (and MPEGRepairHD) can easily insert 1 to 4 caption tracks into any MPEG or AVC file.  The captions can be added to the cc1, cc2, cc3 and/or cc4 tracks as defined in CEA-608.

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Simply drag your uncaptioned video file onto Expert-Caption The tool will insert the associated 1 through 4 .Scc or .Txt files into the video in compliance with CEA-708 and CEA-608 specifications without transcoding or modifying the video quality.

Operational Details

To easily add the caption tracks, the primary cc1 caption track needs to have the same name as your source video and end with .SCC.  The cc2 caption track needs to have the same name as your source video but end with _A.scc. The cc3 track needs to end with _B.scc and the cc4 track needs to end with _C.scc. Then just simply drag and drop your .MPG file onto the Expert-Caption Icon.  The tool will fire up, look for all of the associated .SCC files and insert the caption files into their appropriate caption tracks.


The one through four caption tracks are inserted in MPEG user_data or AVC supplemental_enhancemnt_info per the CEA-708 and CEA-608 specifications.

The .SCC file naming convention defines the Closed Captioning Channel used per the following table:

Source file (.mpg)   Cave intro  


Data Channel 1

Cave 1



Data Channel 2




Data Channel 1



Data Channel 2

Cave 4


The standard Scenarist Closed Captioning (.scc) files default to cc1 format for a single primary caption channel. Using our tools, you can use the default scc files for the cc2 through cc4 data channels. Expert-Caption or MPEGRepairHD will convert the cc1 captions stored in your .scc files into the cc2 through cc4 caption channels as defined in the scc caption file name.

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