Tech Tip - Extracting Caption Track from MXF file

PixelTools Expert-Caption and MPEGRepairHD can easily extract closed captions stored in an MXF caption track and save them in a PixelTools caption file format that can be used for re-insertion into the video track in support of broadcast video.

To extract captions from an MXF file using the Expert-Caption GUI:

1. Launch Expert-Caption

2.Drag and drop or browse for the MXF file into the File to Decode or Analyze edit box.

3.Check the Decode Configure | Decode Configure | Disable Decode and depress Apply

4.Check the Decode Configure | Save MXF Caption Track and enter the name of the .edl file to store the captions, (The file must end with .edl) and depress Apply

mxf screen captions

5. Uncheck the Decode | Configure | Fix Stream | Add Closed Captions or Commands from File

insert captions to mxf file

6. Close the Configure Dialogs and depress the Update button on the GUI.

7. Expert-Caption should run through your .MXF file and save the captions in the PixelTools Encoding Decision List (EDL) format:

Encoding Decision List (EDL) format

The .EDL file can be used to insert captions into a video file by entering the .EDL file name into the Decode | Configure | Fix Stream | Add Closed Captions or Commands from File and dropping the uncaptioned MPEG file into the File to Decode or Analyze on the front of the GUI.

Once you are satisfied with your results, you can save your configuration to the ExpCap.ini file in the folder where ExpCap.exe is located, and run the process in the command line using the command ExpCap -d Cave.mxf.

MPEGRepairHD can also be used as above. The Decode | Configure dialogs appear on the left hand side of the MPEGRepairHD GUI.

See how PixelTools products can extract closed caption, video and audio tracks from an MXF file, embed the captions into the video and multiplex with the audio to create a MPEG stream for broadcast.

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