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Speed, scability and high quality solution for HD content

PixelTools software encoders MPEGRepairHD and ExpertHD are well suited to generate content for Blu-ray discs. Their fast encoding speed and scalability combined with their excellent quality provides a cost effective solution for HD content creation.

Blu-ray encoding using MPEGRepairHD or ExpertHD GUI

Both MPEGRepairHD and ExpertHD have identical encoding options and identical encoding engines and so the following description is applicable to both products.

The products, when first launched, default to SD encoding. So the first step is to depress the down arrow on the “Base Encoding Profile” to select the profile appropriate to your encoding requirements.  The 1920x1080P profile is the most common for Blu-ray encoding.

Next, select your source input in the “Encode Input” edit box.  Your source can be a MOV or AVI file or can be a sequence of TGA or BMP files. Enter a name of the output file in the “Encode Output” edit box.  Depress “Run” to start the encoding.  Your encode output file will be a Blu-ray compliant MPEG-2 elementary stream.

Blu-ray encoding using Expert Workshop SDK

Both MPEGRepairHD and ExpertHD use the Expert Workshop SDK. The easiest way to configure the SDK for Blu-ray is to load the Blu-ray.ini.  A call such as:


Where ParamFileName is the Blu-ray.ini and EncParams and DecParams are pointers to the encoding and decoding parameter structures that will be loaded from the Blu-ray.ini parameter file. These base encoding parameters can be modified and re-applied to the encoder via another call to ExpEncodeConfigure.


The Blu-ray encoding specification supports MPEG-2 of the following formats.  The ini following each of the options can be used for configuring the PixelTools encoders and SDK.

The maximum bit-rate for MPEG-2 video is 40 mbps.

1920x1080x59.94-i (16:9)
1920x1080x50-i (16:9)
1920x1080x25-p (16:9)
1920x1080x23.97-p (16:9)

1280x720x59.94-p (16:9)
1280x720x50-p (16:9)
1280x720x24-p (16:9)
1280x720x23.976-p (16:9)

720x480x59.94-I (4:3 & 16:9)
720x480x50-I  (4:3 & 16:9) 


BluHD 1280_59p.ini

BluHD 1280_50p.ini
BluHD 1280_24p.ini

BluHD 1280_23p.ini

BluHD _59i.ini

BluHD _50i.ini

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