MPEG Escort®

MPEG Video Watermark Tool

PixelTools' patented MPEGEscort® MPEG watermarking software slightly alters a compressed MPEG video to insert a visually indiscernible digital data file - video watermarking.  Any copies of that watermarked video also carry the hidden watermark.  Knowing the correct key, MPEGEscort® can extract the hidden file.  For example, the file could have identification data useful later if abuse of copyright fair-use is suspected.  Watermarking is much faster than video real-time, and is very compatible with networked or point-of-sale video distribution.

“We believe Pixeltools’ MPEGEscort® technology strikes a good balance between the content-protection needs of producers and the customer.  We have built a commercial system to distribute filmed entertainment programming, a system that leverages the equipment that consumers already own and enjoy, and with which they are comfortable.”

Scott Abramowitz, Chief Technology Officer,

Use MPEGEscort® to add your MPEG watermark file while encoding. Or use MPEGEscort® to watermark an already-compressed MPEG video - without changing the stream length. The versatile MPEGEscort® Graphic User Interface (GUI) facilitates insertion, extraction or verification of a watermark.  DLL and static library versions are available for faster-than-real-time automated operation.

MPEGEscort® is available as an optional plug-in for:

  • PixelTools’ MPEGRepairHD® (MPEG encoder, decoder and analyzer)
  • PixelTools’ Expert Workshop SDK (Software Development Kit)


Video Digital Rights Management protection
  - DVD internet delivery and kiosk vending transaction data
Discourage “Leaks” (Forensic watermarking)
  - Confidential video
Origination metadata
  - Surveillance video
Steganographic data hiding
Licensee auditing
Broadcast monitoring
Chain of provenance tracking
Video tamper detection
Metadata  content labeling
Streaming video
Real-time MPEG stream watermark insertion:
  - Uplink
  - Head end
  - Set-top box
  - Digital cinema
  - Decrypted physical media


All-software solution running on Wintel platform
Detectable yet imperceptible watermarking
SDK available for Mac, PC and UNIX
Watermark any MPEG-1 or 2 elementary video stream
Watermark while encoding from numerous uncompress input file formats, or
Watermark previously compressed MPEG files with no change in stream length
Extract or verify watermark presence
Digital Signature recognition
Watermark bit rates of dozens to hundreds of bits per 720x480 frame,
Emboss and detect multiple watermark signatures on software defined "channels"
Compatible with user ECC and Encryption
Watermark Insertion in real-time or faster
Versatile control via Graphic User Interface (GUI)
SDK control interface (DLL) available

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