Ultra HD Software Encoder/Decoder with Analysis and Repair

MPEGRepairHD® is a comprehensive software encoding tool that creates studio quality transport and program streams in real-time from huge theater/full dome sized images through tiny thumbnail content. MPEGRepairHD now includes Nielsen Commercial Watermarking and Analysis. The product is enhanced with a large variety of complementary transcoding, decoding and analyzing capabilities making MPEGRepairHD an essential tool for all involved in MPEG/AVC/HEVC broadcast systems.


Updates with Version 9 Upgrade

  • Real time IP Input/Output
  • MP4 Caption, Split, and Mux

MPEGRepairHD features

  • Encode 16Kx16K through 64x64 video into MPEG2, MPEG1, AVC, and HEVC formats
  • Change stream parameters during encoding
  • Frame stretching before encoding
  • Logo Insertion, Bitmap to MPEG, Custom Frame Rate
  • Update time-code, aspect ratio, frame rate, and more without transcoding
  • Extract elementary streams, closed captioning, and individual frames
  • Video segment replacing, trimming, cutting
  • Stream analysis
  • Insert Closed Captioning, AFD, V-Chip, CGMS meta data during encoding or into an existing stream
  • CEA-608 to CEA-708 transcoding.
  • CEA-708 and 608 display, analysis, editing, and removal
  • Encode Prores Files with 8 channel audio to MPEG with SMPTE-302M audio in Transport
  • Add Telecine from 24fps to 30fps during encoding
  • Flip fields during encoding
  • Split LXF files into elementary video and audio
  • MXF to MPEG conversion with closed captions.
  • Nielsen Commercial Watermarking
  • Batch mode operation

Tool Operation Overview


MPEGRepairHD includes a high quality video encoder that is controlled on the right hand side of the interface and a decoder/analyzer/splitter/stream updater that is controlled on the left hand side of the interface.


MPEGRepairHD overvieew encode decode tools


Encoding Strategy

MPEGRepairHD encoding strategy defaults to MPEG encoding. The Encoding Strategy can be set to AVC encoding, HEVC encoding or Nielsen Audio Watermarking in this drop down box.


MPEGRepairHD encoding strategy


Base Encoding Profile

Select the closest Base Encoding Profile to the frame size of your source frame size from the drop down box. The appropriate bit-rate and rate control strategy are automatically set.


MPEGRepairHD enoding profile software

Once you have set your initial Encoding Profile, you can then tweak your desired parameters (such as bit-rate and encode buffer size) to precisely meet your encoding specifications.

You can save your final resultant parameters by depressing the Base Encoding Profile | Save As button and entering the name of the file to contain the parameters. You can cause subsequent launches of MPEGRepairHD to use your desired parameters by saving the parameters in the MpegRep.ini file in the same folder where MpegRep.exe is launched.

Decode Capability

MPEGRepairHD includes extensive capability for stream update, extraction, analysis, and repair.

The tool can insert meta data such as Closed Captioning and update steam headers such as system time and frame flags without transcoding.

MPEGRepair decode repair tool 
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The tool can split your multiplexed bit-stream into its elementary video and audio components. It also can save the digital or analog closed captioning embedded in the stream as a .scc file. All user data can be saved as a .edl file.

MPEGRepair decode extract streams
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MPEGRepairHD can decode all or part of your video into discreet BMP or YUV frames.

MPEGRepair decode extract frames

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MPEGRepairHD can perform an overall stream analysis.

MPEGRepair decode analysis

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The tool provides insight into the encoding decisions and stream performance.

MPEGRepair decode analysis buttons

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The tool can extract, trim, insert, replace and append MPEG GOP segments.

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Workflow Features for Batch Operations

MPEGRepairHD (and all of our MS Windows tools) can be run in the batch mode.  The configuration for the run is taken from the default ini file.

MPEGRepairHD (and all of our MS Windows tools) generates a log file that details the parameters utilized for each run and records any errors or warning encountered.  This is essential for workflow reliability and system traceability.


Video Capture Equipment

  • Integrates with all DV boards, frame grabbers, video editors and animation programs that output to AVI format
  • Inputs frame from digital disk recorders
  • Grabs frames from Windows video device

Encode Output

  • Transport or program stream multiplexing
  • Bit-rates from 1 Kbits/sec to 500 Mbits/sec
  • Frame rates from 1 frame/sec. to 60 frames/sec
  • IPB, IP, or I-frame only streams
  • Results of pre-procession without encoding
  • Recommended bit-rate to log file in analysis mode
  • List of detected scene changes to scene change file
  • Encoding statistics to log file
  • Current parameter configuration

Operation Systems

  • Runs under Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
  • Manages files larger then 8 Gbytes


  • Runs on any 386 or greater processor
  • Optimized for SSE and multi-processing systems

Encode Input

  • Fields and frames in sizes from 16x16 to 16384 x 16384 pixels
  • Single frame or frame sequence to produce a longer stream
  • Sequences stored on multiple drives
  • Output of files from other programs or drag and drop initialization file containing session specific parameters
  • EDL file describing scene by scene parameters
  • Scene Change file containing known scene changes


  • Precise floating point computations with 24-bit color accuracy
  • Inputs MPEG2 HD transport, program, DVD VOB or MPEG1 steams
  • Stores frames as YUV, TGA, or BMP files
  • Decodes elementary systems processing transports or VOB files


  • 24-bit color frame windows with zoom and roam
  • Frames and fields visible at input, motion compensated, DCTed, compressed, and error states
  • Graphic windows displaying buffer fullness and encoding statistics
  • Motion vectors, block decision types, quantization values

Encode Preprocessing

  • Standard or user defined 7x7 kernel filters
  • Full frame or regional filtering
  • HD, D1, VGA, or SIF down sampling
  • Logo or graphic animation mixing with video
  • Video or graphics RGB conversion
  • Half D1 to D1 up sampling

User Help

  • Fly-over Hints
  • Comprehensive Users Manual with expert encoding hints


  • High, Main, and Low Level encoding
  • High, Main, and Simple Profile encoding
  • 8-11 bit selectable DC precision
  • Zigzag and Alternate DCT scan
  • Dual Prime, 16x16, and 16x8 field and frame motion estimation
  • Temporal down-sampling to 1 frame per second
  • Adjustable IPB frame patterns (ie, M and N values)
  • Selectable sequence header insertion rates
  • Modifiable start time codeTarget decoder buffer sizes from 1 to 1000 vbv
  • Audio layer 2 encoding
  • Constantbitrate or constant quantization
  • 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 Chroma formats
  • Compresses from 16x16 to 16384 x 16384 pixel frame sizes
  • Supports all 18 HDTV formats
  • Scene by scenebitrate change capability
  • Automatic or manual GOP forcing
  • Segment encoding to specified buffer states
  • Encoding precision control
  • Operator control of regional quantization within selected frames
  • Closed caption text insertion
  • Complete control over encoding precision to optimize session for highest quality or highest encoding speed

Stream update without re-encoding

  • Add closed captioning
  • Add SCTE Line 21 data (E.G. CGMS, APS)
  • Add Pan and Scan offsets Resync time code
  • Update aspect ratio, frame rate, level profile, and matrix coefficient values
  • Update top_field_first, repeat_first, low_delay, prog_frame_sequence, constrained parameter, closed GOP flags

GOP Editing

  • Append two streams
  • Trim from start or end of steam
  • Cut section from stream
  • Insert new section into stream
  • Replace stream section

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