We are a software development company with decades of experience delivering off-the-shelf and custom multimedia compression solutions. We can help you solve all of your broadcast video challenges. Our real-time SDKs for Apple, Windows, and Linux platforms ease the task of creating high
    performance MPEG, AVC and HEVC enabled products.


  • Captioning

    Closed Captioning Analysis

    Expert-Caption® inserts captions from plain text or captioning files into AVC or MPEG streams without transcoding the video.

  • Ultimate MPEG Tool

    Professional Video Compression

    MPEGRepairHD® the Swiss Army Knife of MPEG is the must have tool for the professional video compressionists.

    MPEGRepairHD screen
  • Premiere Plug-In

    Broadcast Specification Compliance

    PixelTools Export-Broadcast directly exports broadcast compliant MPEG Transport/Program streams.

    Expert Broadcast
  • Adaptable Multiplexer

    Multiplex and Synchronize Streams

    Multiplex multiple HEVC, AVC, and MPEG video with AC3, AAC, MPA or PCM audio into fully synchronized transport or program streams. Read more >>



Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Creating Dish Network content with Adobe Premiere

PixelTools Expert-Broadcast Plug-in for Adobe Premiere can create MPEG content with SMPTE302M Linear PCM data in support of requirements for Dish / Echo Star Networks.

Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Comprehensive Closed Caption Solution

PixelTools products can insert and extract a wide variety of closed captioning formats into and out of an MPEG stream. Our products can also add captioning during MPEG encoding and instant analysis of any MPEG streams. Read more >>

Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Adding Active Format Description to video

PixelTools products can add content Active Format Description (AFD) headers to your video during encoding or to an existing MPEG stream without transcoding. Read more >>

Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Nielsen Commercial Watermarking

MPEGRepairHD now provides Nielsen Commercial Watermarking, watermark analysis and watermark verification. Read more >>

Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Encoding video content with PCM Audio

MPEGRepairHD can encode high quality video from a variety of sources. The tool can be set up to multiplex two or eight PCM audio channels with the encoded video into a SMPTE-302 transport stream. PixelTools products Expert-HD and Expert-Broadcast can also be used to create encode video and multiplex into SMPTE-302 PCM Transport steams.



PixelTools Ultra-HD Encoder Plug-in


Version 8 just released
Expert-CaptionĀ® performs closed caption insertion, extraction, analysis and transcoding with a few simple clicks. Read more >>

PixelTools Closed Captioning


Swiss Army Knife of MPEG
New updates for The must have tool for the professional video compressionists - MPEG/AVC/HEVC, studio quality Encoding, Decoding, Analyzing, Closed Captioning, Repairing, Splitting, and Multiplexing. The new release of MPEGRepairHD (7.1.28) adds closed captioning transcoding and editing, 8 channel SMPTE 302 audio support and MXF file input. Visit the PixelTools Store to purchase.

See 147 reasons why you need to use MPEGRepairHD for your next project.

PixelTools Expert-Broadcast


Export broadcast compliant MPEG Transport/Program streams with 708/608 closed captioning directly from Premiere Pro CC.

PixelTools Closed Captioning


Multiplex multiple video streams
Multiplex multiple HEVC, AVC, and MPEG video streams with with AC3, AAC, MPG, DTS, or PCM audio into fully synchronized transport or program streams. Split transport, MXF, or program streams into their elementary video, audio, and closed captioning tracks. Our new Batch Control Graphical Dialog manages unattended processing of large groups of files. The MS Windows Batch Window mode enables automatic processing along with other PixelTools batch processes. Ā 


We also do custom development work. Contact us with your project specifications.

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