MPEGRepairHD Features

Real-Time Software Ultra HD Encoder with Analysis and Repair Functions

MPEGRepairHD® is a comprehensive software encoding tool that creates studio quality transport and program streams in real-time for all High Definition (HD), Cinema and Standard Definition (SD) video standards. The product includes a large variety of complementary transcoding, decoding and analyzing capabilities making it an essential tool for all involved in MPEG systems.

MPEGRepairHD® is easy to use

  • Enhanced encoding engine optimized for dual core and hyperthreaded processors
  • Provides faster than real-time coding of HD 1920x1080
  • Encode from live video input
  • Encode QuickTime files
  • Update headers without re-encoding
  • Supports new Chroma 422 profile
  • Built-in audio encoding and multiplexing to transport and program streams
  • Easy access to changing encoding parameters during encoding
  • Higher quality HD encoding with greater motion search range
  • Predefined encoding parameters

MPEGRepairHD® increases encode quality

Enhanced Encoding Engine
PixelTools encoding engine is now faster and optimized for dual core and hyperthreaded multi-processer systems. For example, MPEGRepairHD now encodes 1920x1080 HD content at faster than real-time. You also have the option of encoding frames from Microsoft supported video input devices and Apple QuickTime files.

Decode Fix

Ever "finish" an 8 hour encoding project only to discover that you had set the wrong Aspect Ratio? The Decode Fix option allows almost instantaneous updating of the correct Aspect Ration stream header (and other headers) with out re-encoding. MPEGRepairHD can now re-sequence time code, add Pan and Scan headers, or any one of 15 operations to an existing MPEG steam without re-encoding.

Predefined Encoding Profiles
Just select one of the 8 base profiles, browse to your input and output files, and depress the Run button to encode most popular file formats. Profiles can also be customized and saved then restored to accommodate specific encoding requirements. MPEGRepairHD also has built in Audio encoding and multiplexing to transport and program streams. Better quality HD encoding with larger Motion search range. You can change encoding parameters during encoding using the new Encoding Decision List (EDL) product dialog.

MPEGRepairHD® increases project productivity with features:

  • 5x faster encoding speed, real-time video input and quicktime file input
  • Decode fix headers in existing MPEG streams
  • Pre-defined encoding profiles
  • Video input dialogue
  • Built in audio encoder
  • Built in transport and program mux
  • Chroma 422 profile
  • EDL entry window

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