Tech Tip - Onboarding for iNDEMAND® Broadcast Systems

MPEGRepairHD overview

Compliant Encoding of content for iNDEMAND

PixelTools MPEGRepairHD can easily and accurately create high quality, high definition, compliant content for iNDEMAND or equivalent broadcast systems. The source can be a ProRes .MOV file, an AVI file, or a variety of discreet picture formats.

The iNDEMAND ini for MPEGRepairHD configures the tool to create compliant content:

   1920 x 1080 resolution

   MPEG-2 video

   AC-3 Audio

   Transport multiplexing

   CAE-608 and 708 closed captioning

Detailed Instructions

  1. Launch MPEGRepairHD
  2. Drag the InDemand.ini onto the Base Encoding Profile edit box
  3. Drag your source video onto the Encode Input edit box
  4. Enter the name for your output file in the Encode Output edit box
  5. Depress the Encode Run button



   Video Bit-Rate                       14.0 mbps       
   Video Frame Size                  1920x1080
   Video Format                          HD
   Frame Rate                            29.97
   Field Priority                           Top Field First

   Color Matrix                           709
   Color Primaries                      709
   Transfer Characteristics          709     



   Format                                  Stereo A52 (AC3)
   Output Bit-rate                       192lbps
   Loudness                               -15      
   DialNorm                                -15



   Multiplexed Bit-Rate              15.0  mbps
   Video PID                              481
   Audio PID                              482     
   Language                               ENG


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