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Automatic File Processing

All PixelTools products can be run in the batch mode that enables automatic processing of multiple files without user intervention. 

Quick Start Batch Encoding

Dos Command Line example

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MPEGRepairHD can be run in the batch mode by opening a DOS command shell in the folder containing your source file and typing: “C:\ Program Files (x86)\PixelTools\MPEGRepairHD\MpegRep.exe” SczDrop.avi The MPEGRepairHD app is launched, the source file is encoded with the default parameters, and the app exits.


Batch Control Options

A variety of shell flags are available that can control decoding, analysis, captioning, etc. Your DOS commands can be integrated with batch looping commands, other DOS commands and calls to other apps to complete your workflow automatically and accurately. Each section below contains the flag, an example command, and a description of its functionality.

   flag = none
   MpegRep  Source.AVI
   Encode Source.AVI using default parameters

   flag = -d
   MPEGRep -d Source.mpg
   Decode/Spit/Extract frames of Source.mpg using default parameters

   flag = -z
   MPEGRep -z Source.mpg
   Analyze Source.mpg and save analysis in Decode.log

   flag = -a
   MPEGRep -a File01.mpg
   Appends File01.mpg File02.mpg etc into File.mpg

   flag = none (with “Add Closed Captions From File” set in ini and source file suffix is .mpg)
   optional flag = -dc to cause app to exit if file already captioned
   MPEGRep  Source.mpg
   Adds captions defined in Source.scc into Source.mpg

   flag = none   (with “Mux video only” set in ini)
   MpegRep Elemvideo.vbs
   Multiplex Elemvideo.vbs with audio file defined in the ini

Transcode MXF with captions to MPEG with captions
   flag = -mx
   MpegRep -mx Source.mxf
   Converts MXF file to captioned MPEG video and audio in transport. Captions can be inserted from MXF caption track or caption file.

Transcode LXF file to MPEG Transport with audio
   flag = -lx
   MpegRep -lx Source.lxf
   Converts LXF file to MPEG program or transport stream with audio

Audio Encoding
   flag = ae
   MpegRep -ae Source.wav
   Encodes .wav file into MPG or Ac3

Audio Decoding
   flag = ad
   MpegRep -ad Source.mpa
   Decodes Source.mpa into Source.wav

Batch Operation Notes

The batch commands work with all PixelTools apps. Substitute the app name for MpegRep in the above examples.

The PixelTools apps use their default ini in their launch folder to set up the parameters before the processing. You can prepare parameters for each of your desired configurations, save as a custom ini and copy that ini over the app’s default ini.

You can process all .mpg files in a folder using the batch command:

   FOR %%j IN (*.avi) DO Call EncodeFile %%j

    where EncodeFile.bat contains a call to MPEGRep.exe: MpegRep %1

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