Insert SRT Captioning into MPEG

Closed Caption Insertion into AVC and MPEG Streams


The SubRip (.srt) file format specifies subtitles or closed captions in a simple text format consisting of starting and ending time along with the associated captioning text:

1 00:00:03,123 --> 00:00:05,456 This is a test of the

2 00:00:6,391 --> 00:00:8,591 PixelTools closed captioning insertion

To add .srt captions into a MPEG file, select the .srt file in the Configure | Fix Stream | Add Closed Captions or Commands From File -

Expert Caption closed captioning

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Depressing the Update button with your uncaptioned MPEG file in the File to Decode or Analyze edit box will cause the tool to embed your captions defined in your .SRT file into your MPEG file.

Expert Caption configure file

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Captioning your files has never been easier. Just drag your uncaptioned video to Expert-Caption® and the program will do the rest. Expert-Caption 8 now inserts captions from plain text or captioning files into AVC or MPEG streams without transcoding the video. The tool can also be run in the batch mode allowing you to automatically caption thousands of files or to integrate captioning into your video workflow. Expert-Caption inputs transcribed captions from a .SCC file, a text and timecode file or from other popular captioning file formats.  The tool inserts the captions into elementary video faster than real time in compliance with most broadcast standards and remultiplexes the file without the quality loss from transcoding.

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