Tech Tip - Encoding huge frame size video for dome projectors

dome projection mpeg support

Easy Encoding of Dome Content

PixelTools MPEGRepairHD can encode rendered dome frames into a very high quality and high bit-rate stream that is appropriate for planetarium and dome projectors used in full dome shows. The encoding process can be accomplished in three simple steps:

1. Drag and drop the supplied ini file for the appropriate image size onto the Base Encoding Profile:

Base Encodng Profie

2. Drag and Drop the first frame to encode onto the Encode Input:

dome content encoding

3. Depress the Control Encode Run button

Your content will be encoded into the file specified in the Encode Output edit box

That’s all there is to it.

Output Multiplexed Files

Dome projection systems require separate video and audio files.  MPEGRepairHD can encode the video files.  The video, to play properly on some dome projectors, must be multiplexed with silent audio into a Program stream.  The above 4096x4096Dome.ini and 2560x2560Dome.ini settings will automatically multiplex your encoded video with a 6 second silent audio file called Silent6Sec.ac3. The output program MPEG file from the above easy encoding steps should play directly on a dome projection system without any additional processing.

Input Image Types

MPEGRepairHD can input frames and files from a wide variety of types. The fastest and most accurate frame types are YUV.  The encoder internally stores the content as YUV, requires the least pre-processing, and is the preferred format if possible.

MPEGRepairHD is SSE3 optimized for sequences of .TGA and .BMP files. These process very rapidly and have proven to be very reliable. AVI, MOV, and AVS streams can be utilized as long as the computer running MPEGRepairHD can properly play the stream.

MPEGRepairHD also inputs files of formats .jpg, .ppm, .tif, .gif, .pic, .png, and .sgi. These formats are a bit slower than YUV, BMP and TGA as they use an internal file conversion facility.

Let us know if you have lots of frames of a format not listed above.  We will look at adding your format in support of your project.


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