HEVC, AVC, and MPEG multiplexer and splitter

Optimize your file based workflow with this easy to use dedicated multiplexing and splitting application. The new drag and drop and batch control dialog facilitates the unattended multiplexing of a large number of jobs. Expert-Mux is a software tool that can multiplex one or two HEVC (H.265), AVC (H.264), or MPEG streams with one or four MPEG, AC3, DTS, or AAC compressed audio streams or 8 PCM uncompressed audio streams into a Transport or Program stream. The tool can also split Transport, MXF or Program streams into their elementary components.

Expert-Mux includes a rich set of user parameters that optimize multiplexing overhead to create the highest quality compressed video streams for use in broadcast, video on demand, or desktop systems.

Expert-Mux can automatically multiplex a large group of files via the Windows command line or via an easy to use graphical Control Dialog. The Batch Control Dialog can accept file names via Drag and Drop, the file browser, typing the file name in directly, or loading from a text file. Depressing the Run button causes all jobs in the batch window to be executed.

Using the Windows batch control window, Expert-Mux reads a parameter file upon startup that can contain customized settings for each set of files to be multiplexed. The batch mode provides a convenient way to work with the other PixelTools products to encode video and audio clips and multiplex them with specific audio, video, and multiplexing parameters — automatically without operator intervention.


Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP
  • Operates on files greater than 4 GBytes when using the NTFS OS

Multiplexing Inputs

Video (one or two channels)

  • HEVC (H.265)
  • AVC (H.264)
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-1

Audio (one to eight channels)

  • MPEG
  • AC3
  • DTS
  • PCM

Multiplexing Outputs

  • Transport or Program Streams
  • Up to 2 video streams and up to 8 audio streams per transport channel
  • Bit-rates from 400bps to 500mbps
  • Video delay 0 to 4,000 milliseconds (relative to system clock)
  • Audio delay: 0 to 4,000 milliseconds (relative to system clock)
  • User selectable video and audio PIDs
  • User selectable Program Map Table (PMT) PID
  • User selectable Program Clock Reference (PCR) PID
  • Creation of video only or audio only transport streams

Splitting Inputs

  • Transport, Program, or MXF Streams

Splitting Outputs

  • AVC or MPEG elementary video
  • MPEG, DTS, AC3, or PCM audio outputs
  • Closed Captions: .SCC or .EDL files

Operational features

  • Browse or Drag and Drop file input selection
  • Load, save, and run multiplexing jobs using the Graphical Batch Control Dialog
  • Load and save reusable configuration parameter setting
  • Batch mode operation with auto output name generation
  • Log file and live statistics window that presents operational information, warnings, and errors

User Help Facilities:

  • On line help with detailed explanation of the multiplexing parameters
  • Comprehensive User Manual

Specification update:

  • See PixelTools home page at for latest specification update on Expert-Mux.

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