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Creating Studio Quality Streams


PixelTools HD MPEG encoders are an optimal solution for encoding your high definition video content into studio/museum quality Electrosonic ATSC streams. The encoder’s precise patent pending spatial and color computations highlight the wow factor of Electrosonic’s media server especially in cinema sized environments. Specialized museum and outdoor display requirements like seamless clip looping and extreme aspect ratios are easily handled in the encoders.

This tech tip will guide you in the encoding for each of the Electrosonic models to enable you to create a playable stream on your first encode.

Download the Mac version ( or the PC version ( to obtain a demo of the Mac or PC encoder.

Mac Encoding

The HDProQT Mac encoder is a HD Plug-In that will enable you to export Electrosonic streams from any QuickTime supported application such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, or the QuickTime Pro Player.   Just extract and run the Mac package installer from the .zip file.  Now the “PixelTools HD MPEG Demo” export option should appear on all of your Export using QuickTime menus.  Configuring the options for your specific Electrosonic model as listed in the file should enable you to produce an Electrosonic file on your first export. Note that your audio track must be encoded as an AC3 file.

The file contains screen shots of typical encoding configurations for each of the Electrosonic decoders when using the HDProQT QuickTime Plug-In.

Note that you must select your AC3 file in the “Use Encoded Audio” edit box. Also note that the frame size of your video content must be appropriate for your Electrosonic display.  Running the export process should create an Electrosonic stream.  You are welcome to further optimize the encode options. Detailed operation of the encode options are listed in the HDProQT users manual.

PC Encoding

The ExportHD encoder is a sophisticated stand-alone PC application that encodes MOV and AVI files or sequences of TGA, BMP, or YUV frames.  The file contains configuration files used to customize the encoder for your specific Electrosonic model and video content.  Just unzip the demo file in a folder of your choice, load the appropriate ini configuration file as detailed in the PtoolEsonicEncode instructions, select your video and audio sources, and depress the Run button.  Note that your audio track must be encoded as an AC3 file.

The file contains ini files for each Electrosonic product number and the most popular video formats.  Select the appropriate ini file in the Base Encoding Profile option in Expert-HD or MPEGRepairHD PC encode applications. 

These profiles will set up the encoder the generate Electrosonic streams.  You are encouraged to optimize the encoding options using the Configure settings. Detailed operation of the encode options is listed in the MPEGRepairHD or Expert-HD users manual. Note that your AC3 audio file must be selected in the Optimize Encode | Configure | Audio/Mux dialog.



PixelTools PC and Mac encode solutions are appropriate for the following Electrosonic Models:

  • MS9200, MS9304SD, MS9400, MS9500, MS9500GL
  • PixelTools PC and Mac encode solutions are can encode:
  • Output bit-rates to 100mbs
  • I frame only through long GOP encoding
  • Frame sizes through 16384 x 16384 pixels
  • Any frame aspect ratio
  • Transport multiplexing

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