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We are more than a development house; we understand the entire process required to field a new mobile application. When you're ready to build a new app we can manage each step of your development process including:

Concept Design and Refinement If you have an idea for an app, well help you elevate it to its best possible iteration. If you would like to brainstorm with us, we will come up with several great ideas for you to choose from.

Technical Development We create custom apps for our clients; however, some elements are standard in each app. Instead of creating those elements over and over again, we use standardized code from our code library. This allows us to create the foundation for applications much faster, and for a lower cost. This process is called RAD or Rapid Application Development.

Monetization Strategies You can sell your mobile applications, or we'll advise you on a wide variety of options to help you create a profitable application.

Pricing Each platform has certain pricing paradigms, and a separate strategy for maximizing the earning potential of an application. Our experience in this area helps our clients choose the right price for their applications.

Development of Cross-Platform Social Strategies for Your Application The most successful apps leverage social media to attract the largest possible audience to apps. We understand the development challenges and market scope for social apps.

Innovative iPhone Development Solutions

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Our capabilities include detailed system design, product scheduling, and labor allocation through comprehensive testing.

We provide our clients an honest value for their money. We charge by the hour, project, sales royalty, or a combination of the above.

We are more than happy to kick around design and payment ideas.  Often times we have software parts "lying around our lab" that may go a long way in providing what you need. Please contact us with your project ideas and technical roadblocks.  We can help.

Let us know if we can help or request a free demo of our products. View our products features at a glance.

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