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We are a group of dedicated image processing specialists that have created a suite of high quality video compression software solutions for video compressionists, animators, and broadcasters. Since our inception in 1995, our focus is speed optimization engineering for all computing platforms.

The Algorithm

MPEG Video encoding is a lossy type of compression which means that the original video data can not be exactly reproduced from the encoded bit-stream. The data compression algorithms such as PKZip in contrast can reproduce the exact bit structure of uncompressed source content; no data is lost in the compression or uncompression processes.  Video encoders make decisions as what components from the source video will be discarded to decrease the data size without affecting the video quality or user experience. We are driven to produce the highest quality, artifact free video content.

Our first MPEG-1 encoder produced amazingly high quality compressed video but the processing was rather slow. It would take 33 days (working 24 hours a day) to encode a 2 hour movie!  We rewrote most of the code into fast assembly language modules that took advantage of the dual computation units available in all (pre MMX) 1990s.

The Results

Today, our encoders take advantage of the latest co-processing and multi-processing hardware. Our MPEG HD encoders now run faster than real time and maintain the best quality encoding for a given bit-rate. Our advanced tools include visibility into the actual encoding process enabling you, our user, to tweak the encoding on specific videos to achieve the highest quality result. You can view the actual video content that is being discarded and can review listings of signal to noise ratio for each frame and for the entire sequence.

The Pitch

Our high quality MPEG encoding tools remain the mainstay of the industry. Available as stand alone GUIs, SDKs and as plug-ins to popular video editors such as Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro, our tools support closed captioning insertion, extraction, transcoding and editing capabilities in addition to a wide assortment of encoding options and metadata insertion.

In the past nineteen years, we have added many client requested custom products and custom enhancements which have become part of our existing flexible module code base and libraries. We enjoy helping clients who need special versions of our encoders, decoders, or analyzers. The resulting products optimize our clients work flow and empower them to reliably and traceably produce high quality content for a wide variety of distribution systems.

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