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  • Expert-Caption®


    Expert-Caption® inserts captions from plain text or captioning files into AVC or MPEG streams without transcoding the video. The tool supports CEA-708, CEA-608, DVD and other captioning formats and outputs transport or program streams. Read more …



    PixelTools Export-Broadcast produces compliant MPEG Transport/Program streams with 708/608 closed captioning directly from Premiere Pro CC. Read more …

    Expert Broadcast


Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Drag and Drop and Closed Captioning Insertion

PixelTools products Expert-Caption and MPEGRepairHD can easily add captions to one or more MPEG files by simply dragging the .MPG files onto the program icon.

Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Closed Captioning

PixelTools products can insert CEA-708, CEA-608, ATSC, SCTE20 captioning into existing MPEG Transport or Program Streams or add captioning during encoding. Captions can be transcoded from CEA-608 to CEA-708 or from Analog to CEA-708.


Empowerment Tools for the Video ProfessionalSMPTE-TT Caption Insertion

Guided by the new FCC regulations format standards for online closed captioning, PixelTools products can add captions defined in a SMPTE-TT (SMPTE 2052) file during MPEG encoding or to an existing MPEG stream without transcoding.


Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

CableLabs Encoding

Encode HD and SD content into compliant CableLabs VOD 2 specification.  Streams pass Manzanita and Sencore verifiers.

Empowerment Tools for the Video Professional

Stream Modifications

Analyze and fix MPEG stream issues without re-encoding:
Active Format Insertion, CGMS and APS flags, Time Code Update, Logo Insertion, Pan and Scan Insertion, Still Image Encoding


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PixelTools Ultra-HD Encoder Plug-in


Now with support for AVC and MPEG streams.
Easy to use Drag and Drop insertion of closed captioning into transport and program streams.  Includes support for CEA-708, CEA-608, and other major captioning formats.

Ideal for use in captioning streams for broadcasting and on-boarding.  Also includes verification and analysis capability to validate your caption insertion and debug non-functional streams.

PixelTools Closed Captioning


Swiss Army Knife of MPEG
The must have tool for the professional MPEG compressionists - HEVC, studio quality MPEG Encoding, MPEG Decoding, Analyzing, Closed Captioning, Repairing, Splitting, and Muxing. The new release of MPEGRepairHD (6.1.14) includes accelerated AVC encoding and enhanced closed captioning. Visit the PixelTools Store to purchase.

See 172 reasons why you need to use MPEGRepairHD for your next project.

PixelTools Closed Captioning


Export Broadcast Quality Transport Streams directly from Final Cut Pro
Complete Encoding, Captioning, and Multiplexing component for QuickTime that works with all programs that support QuickTime Export Components including Final Cut Pro and the QuickTime Player. GUI includes presets that sets export parameters to produce compliant streams for delivery to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, DirecTV and others.

PixelTools Closed Captioning


High quality MS Windows encoding solution encodes broadcast quality transport streams in MPEG-2 and H.264 for video sizes up to 8K. Product includes comprehensive closed captioning insertion support.

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